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Performance Whey+ With Natural Testo Complex

(9 customer reviews)


(9 customer reviews)

Whey Protein with added HMB, Leucine & Testo Complex!

  • 100% Anti Catabolic Formula
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Surge Protein Synthesis


  • Added HMB, 1000mg
  • Added LEUCINE, 3000mg
  • Added TESTO COMPLEX, 200mg

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(9 customer reviews)


Performance Series Whey+ Protein is made for everyone that demands premium quality & performance. The formula is researched, tested & athlete approved.
Muscle mass is an important indicator of general health. Whether you want to maintain or increase your muscle mass, protein is critical to the process. Protein provides the amino acids your body needs to rebuild damaged muscle tissue & create new muscle. Performance Series Whey+ Protein has been shown to promote healthy muscles, help you get to recover from strenuous workouts, and improve athletic performance.

Added HMB

HMB Comes from Leucine, which provides an anti-catabolic effect. The combination of Leucine & HMB together can make a huge difference in your workouts and body composition when consume consistently.

Added Leucine

It’s high in the amino acid Leucine, which is known to stimulate muscle protein synthesis at the molecular and genetic levels.

With Natural Testosterone Support

Contains Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Panax Ginseng & Fenugreek to maintain your natural testosterone at optimum levels!

Additional information

Whey Flavour

Alphonso Mango, Chocolate Caramel, Summer Divine


1KG, 2KG, 4KG

9 reviews for Performance Whey+ With Natural Testo Complex

  1. RAMANDEEP SINGH (verified owner)

    I ordered this and take it for 5 months and I actually get the result this product is absolutely work and give results. I feel many changes in my body after taking it. It is value for money product and I love it

  2. Kuldeep

    Amazing product, the best part is the Summer Divine flavour. It tastes like Rabri Kulfi exactly. 5 on 5

  3. Vijay Sharma

    Highly satisfied with the product, quite budget friendly & the HMB in the products is like cherry on top. I do not feel pain in my muscles next day after consuming Whey + as HMB enhances muscle recovery. Surely recommended

  4. Jassee

    Very unique composition of this super whey. I have never found any such composition. All flavours are good to go. Personally favourite summer divine

  5. aditya mandal (verified owner)

    Used it just for a week and seeing great improvements…. its summer divine flavour taste is very good with water and awesome with milk

  6. Ishmeet (verified owner)

    Whey+ is very cost effective & worthy in this price range.u will never let down.

  7. Jatin Kapoor

    Kudos to TrueForma, i must say that this brand is promising. They deliver what they mention. I ordered this product & got it tested myself from the Lab. Fortunately, the results were completely precise so i will definitely recommend TrueForma.

  8. Sachin (verified owner)

    I have been using many international brands since my fitness journey, it’s quality nowhere seems to be less then those, also comes up with a very good taste and nutrition label is clear & well mentioned.

  9. Shekhar

    All the flavours of this product are amazing, using this one constantly. Ordered my 4th box 2 days back. The delivery time by Trueforma is very fast. A big thumbs up

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