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TrueForma® 100% Whey with PreBiotics & Added Digestive Enzymes

(71 customer reviews)


(71 customer reviews)

TrueForma® 100% Whey with PreBiotics & Added Digestive Enzymes

  • Contains Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate Blend.
  • India’s 1st Whey Protein with Prebiotics & Added Digestive Enzymes for Enhanced Absorption!
  • 24 Grams High Quality Protein
  • 5.4G BCAA’s / 2.6G Leucine / 4.0G Glutamine
  • Contains Zero Sugar
  • Available in Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Smooth & Alphonso Mango Flavor, in 1KG & 2KG Variants

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(71 customer reviews)



The muscle-building property of whey protein are well supported by research. TrueForma® Whey contains amino acids essential for muscle growth. Consuming TrueForma® Whey enhances muscle protein synthesis, which in turns leads to the growth of lean muscle mass.

Immediately after weight training, our muscles will need nourishment for growth. Taking a scoop of two of TrueForma® Whey is an excellent idea if gaining muscle is the agenda. TrueForma™ Whey delivers 24 grams of protein per scoop. This will be rapidly absorbed by the body, aiding muscle regeneration.

To build and maintain muscle mass, active individuals are advised to consume around one gram of protein per pound of body weight. If for instance, you weigh 150lbs, it is best to consume 150 grams of protein per day.

Apart from its lean muscle-building properties, TrueForma® Whey can also be used as a weight-loss aid since consuming it can give a feeling of fullness. Instead of snacking on junk food in between meals, why not to try downing a scoop of TrueForma™ Whey (Mixed with water) instead? We will feel fuller, and longer, helping us resist the temptation of unhealthy snacking.

There are several ways to consume TrueForma® Whey. It can simply be mixed with water or non-fat milk as a post-workout snack. Another option is to toss it into a blender with fruits, water and/or milk for a healthy breakfast shake.

Hungry muscles will need fuel to grow, for this TrueForma® Whey is our best bet.

India’s 1st Whey Protein with Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes

  • Improves digestion & gut health, and nourishes the friendly bacteria.
  • Includes pepsin & papain for easy digestion & absorption of protein.


Whey Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate & Whey Protein Isolate), Cocoa Solids/Mango Flavour (According to Flavour), Digestive Enzymes (Pepsin & Papain), FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides), Sodium Chloride.

How To Use / Directions:

Take 32g Approx (1 Scoop) in 180-200ML of water or skimmed milk or use as recommended by your dietician or licensed nutritionist.

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1KG (2.2 LBS), 2KG (4.4 LBS)


Alphonso Mango, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Milkshake, Summer Divine

71 reviews for TrueForma® 100% Whey with PreBiotics & Added Digestive Enzymes

  1. Sahil sharma

    Well, prebiotic whey honestly saying is money worthy product, GREAT QUALITY
    and Good results.

  2. Jatinder singh

    Mango flavour must try during hot summers if you crave for mangoes and want to stay on track just having this whey will all set your cravings.

  3. Sanjeev sharma

    After research looking for the best Whey Protein, the prebiotics whey always ranked high and accurate on every report as they mentioned their batch wise report live on website. Rarely i have found this in any brand. I’m only 3 months into using this as a daily supplement so far happy with the results.

  4. Micky singh

    Top quiality item and affordable price, Anything else on the market comparable to this whey would be double. Apart from whey am regular consumer of other products like weapon preworkout, armed bcaa , multi, omega as well. This is the only brand to trust if you’re serious and don’t want to waste your money on other brands. Just choose right one and ethical brands. #trueforma

  5. Kanika mishra

    Congratulations team Trueforma for becoming trustified product. Nowadays we have seen many brands coming into the market but none of them were passed this trustified blind testing. Team Trueforma really got quality work ethics. Thank you for providing such authenticate products to the market.

  6. Priyanshu kapila

    I love it. no bitter taste , feels like am consuming a fresh whey no any too sweet artificial sweeteners added. Balanced flavouring as necessary. Summer divine flavour OMG. Very unique flavour. Lovely product.

  7. Akash jindal

    Continuously its my 10th box in 10 months. Honestly speaking this whey is very good and gives overall better recovery. Here i found one important thing this is completely hormone free whey protein and as they mentioned specially they used organic grass fed whey which is very rare i have found in any whey protein. Thank You team trueforma.

  8. Geet kaur

    Got amazing results with this whey. I love the quality of this whey. Summer divine flavour is my favourite flavour.

  9. Piyush hegde

    Wow amazing trueforma. I loved your products specially prebiotics whey for good disgestion, advance multivitamin and lemon flavour BCAA. Also i want to congratulate all team for passing blind test of trustified. Superb team

  10. Sujata Bindra

    Prebiotics whey now got the title of India’s most trusted blind testing trustified. Really now i can even recommend this whey to my frineds and colleagues with more confident as earlier when i was using this whey I honestly say was worried about the label claim of the product. In summers really enjoy mango flavour of this protein.

  11. Sumit kumar

    I love this awsome whey. Very light on stomach no bloating at all. Caramel and milkshake flavours are my favourites flavours.

  12. Atul sikka

    Mixes great and great texture, personal favourite flavours are summer divine and chocolate caramel. I would like to try mango in my next order. Such a amazing whey protein for my daily consumption.

  13. Kanan

    Such an Awsome product by trueforma team. Earlier i was having some digestion issues with whey. I have tried many brands earlier but I didn’t like those brands as i have much love for this prebiotics whey. Love this formula as it contains prebiotics in it which increases our good bacteria in our gut for better overall health and digestion.

  14. Sudhanshu

    I have been using this whey from last 6 months. After tried many brands previously now am regular consumer of this product. Great taste and great material overall.

  15. Brij Das Mohan

    Mixing well. Tastes amazing. Using mango flavour currently which is very good in taste. Powder & texture high quality. Doesn’t upset stomach & very easy on digestion

  16. Jayant Passi

    Taste- 5/5
    Freshness- 5/5
    Overall its great product for me.

  17. Sachin mehta

    My favourite flavour of prebiotic whey is chocolate caramel and summer divine. Trueforma does really nice work in terms of flavouring. Neither too sweet nor too light. They did very good flavouring of this product. Worth it.

  18. Rahul sharma

    so many companies nowadays variety of flavours but trust me i have tried all flavours of this brand. They are very good in making all flavours. My experience with all flavours are very good going.

  19. Kanika prashar

    When I ordered whey protein very first time here i was very little worried about the quality but once i use it i found it very value for money product. This is my consecutively 5th box
    of 2 kg. I just ordered 2 days back. Really happy with results and quality of this product.

  20. Priyanka singh

    This is the first protein to cause me no digestion problems as i have tried many brands all of them majorly gave bloating and digestive issues to me. The taste is so really good. My personal two favourite flavours are mango & chocolate caramel.

  21. Keshav khanna

    I am a beginner this protein is very gud loved is this

  22. Manjit

    Loved this whey quality and texture of this product. No bloat, smooth digestion.

  23. Kapil Sharma

    Prebiotics whey among all protein fit into my pocket. A very good protein in this budget and worth it to buy as whenever i consume this whey after my intense workout feels like so refresh after have whey as achieving good recovery.

  24. Krishan Das

    This product tastes so delicious,I’ve noticed the results over normal whey powders. Highly appreciate the team for making such amazing products, will be buying again.

  25. Vinay gupta

    Honestly prebiotics whey is really good for those who are having suddenly issue like bloating with usual whey proteins. This whey helps me a lot of reducing my weight management and overall boosting my health. My personal flavour is chocolate caramel

  26. Varinder singh

    I was looking for the whey which gives me no bloat , and any other gastro issues so here i found this loving product prebiotics whey. Superb results and recovery. Previously i was high on meat i decided to cut on meat few months back so i need good quality whey as i have to consume more of whey in replacement of meat. Trust me folks i consistently using 3-4 scoops of this whey with balance diet and still feels lighter on digestion. Thank you trueforma for constantly helping to achieve my nutritional goals by making a high quality class product.

  27. Brij mohan das

    I’ve been experimenting with different protein powders for years and i have found this whey very genuine, great tasting and overall feeling good recovery.

  28. Amanjot

    prebiotics whey is just awesome among all series. I have tried many whey proteins supplements but nothing gives me satisfaction as this prebiotics gives. Highly recommend to everyone especially those who are having some digestion issues can try once this prebiotic whey. I love all flavours of this series.

  29. Shivjot chopra

    Very happy with quality of this product. Trueforma company knows for its quality. After tried this whey i can say that they are having quality products. Best wishes team trueforma

  30. Lovepreet singh

    Very long time consistent user of this product. Super delicious no chalk , No digestive issues – definitely money well spent.

  31. Kaushal

    I love the taste of summer divine, really amazing and unique flavour. Great taste, great flavour

  32. Lalit yadav

    By far the smoothest blending protein I have ever had. no chunks. I Ordered the 1-1 kg each pack of milkshake and caramel flavour. tastes amazing highly recommend it!

  33. Sachin sachdeva

    Flavour, consistency, texture, mixability all are good parameters of this product. 5/5 in every parameter. Am going to definitely start buying and using this whey protein more regularly!

  34. Gunjan sharma

    Blends well, great taste. Light and smooth on stomach, digest well. Overall this product i will give 5/5 for the quality.

  35. Srijan sharma

    Trueforma is the best brand i have ever used. They are doing really commendable work.

  36. Aditya chahuan

    I ordered 3 containers and received order very fast just in 3 days. Quality product and Quality Service By team trueforma nutrition. Thank you

  37. Aman kumar

    Amazing results, superior quality whey. Am regular user of this whey from last 2 years as i found the quality of this product very high and value for money.

  38. Sahib singh

    Each ingredient and flavour of this product is commendable. Good work done by team trueforma as they are giving this product on reasonable price.

  39. Mohd usman

    Absolutely love the quality of this whey. I have constantly using one flavour mango. Without spoiling my diet this flavour gives me taste of original mango shake whenever i use this whey. Amazing quality, good results.

  40. Navkirat Kaur

    Just started using this and am very pleased. Mixes very well. I’ll be getting more in the future.

  41. Akansh jindal

    Just amazing taste, Quality product of trueforma. I have tried chocolate milk shake flavour. I daily consume it with mix of my fruity pudding.

  42. Shaurya sharma

    Excellent product and best protein in the market.

  43. Atul yadav

    Ever since I started using this Whey i haven’t looked back. This is the only protein that I was looking for. It’s the best tasting even with water as the base! Greatest product!

  44. Gunjan

    If anybody want to try this whey protein try summer divine flavour. Very nice & delicious flavour. It more like of kesar pista kulfi flavour. I just loved it. Thank You trueforma for making such an amazing whey with delicious flavour. You will never ever get bored of this flavour especially if you are on strict diet and have more cravings.

  45. Mohit chauhan

    Just started the Chocolate milkshake flavor! It taste amazing and blend very smooth, no clumps at all. Superb quality product.

  46. Lovish Malhotra

    Great protein powder! This protein powder is an excellent as they mentioned this is pure organic grass fed whey. Tastes great

  47. Deenawar singh

    Delicious whey protein literally when i crave for mango shaker in summers i prefer to drink prebiotics mango flavour with milk. Great taste and great mixability.

  48. Harteg singh

    Amazing Flavour and mixability. I have tried alphonso mango flavour. Its really taste good. Loved it

  49. Akshit golen (verified owner)

    Amazing blend protein ever.. budget friendly specially for college students.. it’s price reach to everyone pocket… 10/10

  50. Krishan singh

    Mango flavour is my favourite flavour, great mixability & taste

  51. Parm

    Such a amzing whey that i have ever used.

  52. Priyanka chauhan (verified owner)

    One of the purest and finest whey protein i have ever used, this was my first purchase from trueforma and it’s been more than an year of association and now no look back.
    Other brand do claim probiotics in them but had always digestive issues and this product deliver what it claims

  53. Akshit golen (verified owner)

    Best in class..budget friendly…amazing results… go for it with close eyes, u will never regret ….

  54. Jobandeep Singh (verified owner)

    Bot vadia protein aa, peeke swaad aagya jama hi. Taste v bot vadia, quality v te results v, favourite aa mera ❤️

  55. Shruti (verified owner)

    Loved TrueForma Whey, very easy for digestion, after 10 mins of drinking it i feel very light which is a very good point about this protein.

  56. Yashpinder Singh (verified owner)

    Awesome Taste , perfect Mixability my take is I recommend everyone to try trueforma prebiotics whey.

  57. Harshpreet singh (verified owner)

    Trueforma prebiotic is simply awsome in taste and perfect blend of concentrate and isolate whey protein. My favourite flavour is chocolate milkshake.

  58. Ishmeet singh (verified owner)

    Whey Protein truefroma da boht vdia awesome taste h bai. Mango flavour pee k te mjaa aa janda. Love mango.

  59. Piyush Sharma (verified owner)

    Such an amzing product. i really love the taste and the mixability of the product is really very good

  60. Karanpreet singh virk (verified owner)


  61. Gurnasib gill (verified owner)

    I hv used many whey proteins nd nitrix from last six years . M impressed tht in all i found the one which has gud result taste and in budget price . Suggestion to use it .

  62. Rashpinder Singh (verified owner)

    Very good protien,


  63. amrit singh (verified owner)

    new flavour chocolate caramel is just awesome

  64. Amrik Gill (verified owner)

    Very good protien, good taste, easy digest, fast recovery, i buy this product because of #KARTAR CHEEMA

  65. Jatin Hans (verified owner)

    Hello #Fitdesh Team# I have just ordered whey protein(mango flavour) with recommendation of my friend# ketan joshi# .Just using after 2 to 3 days it is actually a best protein ever i Have bought..taste is really fab , easy to dilute # muscle recovery # strength, endurance..looking forward for more products like this.
    Thank you for this product.

  66. Ketan Joshi (verified owner)

    Feedback of TF Whey Choco Flavour-

    Thank you so much that I choose you and you have me Trueforma Nutrition. @⁨Taman Deep Sir⁩ @⁨Jashan Mam⁩ . This is actual protein called Whey. This is truely Choco Cocoa flavour. I have used probust and so many others and they were not dissolvable and high in sugar content despite of labelling. But This one goes as per the labelling and I loved the flavour, my best so far cocoa flavour I ever had. Easily dilutable, very less sugars. Loved It. Trueforma is going to be my Nutrition Partner every time.

  67. Ketan Joshi (verified owner)

    Hello #fitdesh and #Trueformanutrition team. I ordered and used armed and nitirik both together in my intraworkout and Trust me I could feel and deliever my best during mu intense workout sessions everudau. Stamina, strength & muscle buildup – completes the trio. It is so refresing And Tasty. I loved the products and i so happy with you and your team. What ever is mentioned in the products is being delievered.Best products. I am excited to give review for whey and cretine now as I just ordered them. Lets see when it comes. Exicted ..Yaayy. Thank you Team.

  68. Amaninder Singh (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying that this is the one of the best whey. Now why i say that is because over the course of last 10 years i have tried 95% of companies and until i came across whey of True Forma i stopped chasing after other brands. This whey is perfect. Over the time i have encountered so many problems with whey but this whey solves them all. For eg. I dont like whey too sweet. This whey has a very subtle taste. This whey digest better. No farts after drinking it. Its easy on pocket. I guess best choice for students.

  69. Omveer (verified owner)

    Best protein ever .. i m using this from last 30 days … Very fast recovery no digestion issue … Specially MADE IN INDIA love this prodect .. i suggest this to every one and second thing is .. the price .. very less according to the market and results are also very good … So pls go for it .. at least try for one month ..

  70. Gurveek Maan (verified owner)

    I am giving sharing feedback on TF BCAA and Whey Protein with Digestives being a Health Coach-
    First time I used Teamforever whey in 2016-17. That time I was not having any digestive issues. And I used 2-3 boxes. And everything went perfectly. But in 2019 onwards due to a high level of stress as I was preparing for UPSC’s IAS/IPS exam, I have gone through a severe anxiety neurosis stage II. And again I thought to bounce back but my body didn’t respond perfectly. And I started consuming whey again. But that time issue of GERD was taken a vicious form. This time is used whey with pre digestive enzymes. And this time my body responded perfectly with new whey even still my issue of GERD is not cured properly. As you recommended me last time when I met you at Ludhiana that “You should start consuming it empty stomach”. I started it with almonds and Alkaline fruits. The taste of whey is quite good. And one more thing which I observed- I had some sample of 2017 whey (Old)and I compared this with New whey- And what I observed- the new whey is easy to accumulate in water even without shaking it gets dissolved automatically in 20 minutes if it remains in its idle position. I have given this protein to my 5 clients and respond is super. Even I have given this whey to two patients who are having issues of osteoporosis and sarcopenia and their recovery is on faster mode. And specially I want to thanks Shahrukh Wasay who recommended this whey to me and my clients.

  71. Jawwad Qasim (verified owner)

    nothing like this Whey Protein ❤️ value for money

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