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The Myth of Exercising On An Empty Stomach or Full Stomach

Some of the questions which are generally asked are:

“Do fasting workout helps in fat loss?”
“Should I exercise on a full or empty stomach?”

This is a myth that many people still follow, believing that working out on an empty stomach will burn more fat.

Relation to burning fat is always related to the overall calories you consumed in a day and what was your output of energy throughout the day.

So you did a hardcore workout empty stomach and end up consuming over calories the rest of the day, it can’t help you anyway.

Your body needs fuel to move, lift and run.

There are always reserves of glycogen which are used mainly when you workout. For example, if you exercise in the morning, your energy reserves will totally depend upon what you ate last evening. So if you are on the super deficit and there is a long gap between carbs meals, Working out on an empty stomach will make both your body and brain cranky, So at that point, you can have, fast-absorbing carbs before working out but remember to give yourself 45 minutes to have the better impact of the pre-workout meal.

So, here we are sharing which Trueforma® products you can use on an empty stomach to enhance your performance & gains!

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