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The Truth About Caffeine

Caffeine is the most researched and easily available performance enhancer. But Caffeine, Green tea, or products based on these alone can not make you burn fat or  Metabolism.

Caffeine usage affects the functioning of the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and nervous systems. Caffeine is mostly used by every second person directly or indirectly as it’s easily available. But many people don’t know when, how and in what quantity one should use for the best benefits.

Your body can be adapted to caffeine, and its related products, understand the early signs of these, and overcome them. Early signs include the doses you are taking for a purpose would stop working and you need to enhance the doses further! For example if you are consuming 100mg for continues few weeks you might feel that you need more caffeine doses to feel the same kick like you use to feel on 100mg.

Every obese person should not be recommended fat burners that contain high amounts of caffeine and other caffeine-related products. There are a few health conditions to be taken care of. For example patients of High Blood Pressure, Heart Patients or People with Seizures Disorders, Arrhythmia!

But the thing to note is that only caffeine / green tea cannot make you lose fat, if the diet & lifestyle is not correct!

Technically speaking, caffeine can increase metabolism in short term!

Does caffeine actually turn your metabolism into a fat-burning machine for a greater reduction of fat mass?
No, Not Exactly!
Especially if you think sitting on a couch and not moving much but eating caffeine tablets and drinking coffee/green tea will make you burn fat. No it won’t work!

Secondly, not eating enough protein throughout the day, which is another important component to be noted while you are on any fat loss or weight loss program!

Other important thing to note is to always be in caloric deficit!

Ground rules are again the same if your lifestyle & diet system is not correct any fat-burning or caffeine-based product won’t work as much!

Use products wisely, and invest in health.

Some Trueforma® products with/without caffeine which can boost your metabolism & support your performance in workout are listed below!

which is a Pre-workout that can be used in combination with a properly designed weight training program, which will help you boost your performance in the Gym or while working out! Boosting performance in the gym will result in more calories and expenditure which will be resulting in Fat Loss or Weight Loss as per your fitness goals!

Trueforma® Weapon
  • Boost Energy & Focus
  • Build Your Strength, Stamina, and Endurance.
  • Enhance Muscle Performance

Carnitine is an Amino Acid that helps you to turn fat into useable energy, but the great innovation in Trueforma® Carnitine is that it contains Green Tea Extracts (Which helps in boosting metabolism) & Garcinia Cambogia (Which helps to stop further fat storage in your body), and this is a caffeine-free product! Which can help you in your fat loss or weight loss program!

Truefroma® L-Carnitine

  • Cellular Energy Production
  • Enhance Fat Loss
  • Boost Metabolism

This is a product that indirectly supports your fat loss by enhancing your vascular system in the body! And this is also a caffeine-free product!

Trueforma® Nitrik

  • Boost Blood Flow
  • Enhance Pump
  • Nutrient Delivery To Muscles Cells

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